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Craig M. Capeci, M.D. - Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr. Capeci is a Board Certified fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeon specializing in shoulder, hip and knee arthroscopy and reconstruction.
Craig M. Capeci, M.D. - Orthopaedic Surgeon

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  • Anterior Hip Replacement Testimonials

    Anterior hip replacement completely changed my life - for the better. I had not realized how much pain had played a huge role in every aspect of my life, prior to having my hip replaced. I am back to being excited about my work as a boxing coach, personal trainer and mentor to other fighters.

    Dr. Capeci clearly understands what I do (professional boxer) and I believe took great care and consideration since out first meeting, to ensure I would be able ot get back into the ring, and doing what I love as an athlete and a teacher.

    Dr. Capeci provides real results. If you have an injury or pain, don't wait. He is efficient in identifying the problem and fixing it! The sooner the problem is corrected, the sooner you are back on your feet. I feel Dr. Capeci is the right doctor for any athlete, professional or a weekend warrior. Great doctor, surgeon and person.

    By - Susan R
  • I am a 60 year old dancer, actress and singer with osteoarthritis in my right hip. I had to stop my Pilates and some dance because of my disease. I am 3 months post-surgery and able to resume all my former activities.

    I was very nervous about the surgery and Dr. Capeci spent a lot of time answering my questions online and over the telephone. My care in the hospital was outstanding - Dr. Capeci was very generous with his time all throughout pre-surgery and post-surgery.

    Go to Dr. Capeci! I've already shared his name friends!

    By - Pamela J
  • General Testimonials

    I was in pain for years, and my operations were a total success - I have no pain now. Dr. Capeci and I had totally honest conversations, I have many questions and he answered all honestly. I would recommend Dr. Capeci.

    By - Larry K (Bilateral total knee replacements)
  • Dr. Craig Capeci is one of the most extraordinary doctors I've ever had the pleasure meet. He is very patient and understanding. He always explains actions that need to be taken. He anticipates the needs of his patients and truly cares for their well- being. I highly recommend him for anyone who needs total knee replacement or any other kind of orthopedic surgery. You will not find a better, more caring surgeon than him! And my new knee is better than ever!

      Click here to read Yvonne's full knee replacement story.

    By - Yvonne E

  • While the Good Lord has blessed me many times in my life – beautiful & healthy family, good job, nice home, excellent education, etc – one of the best events, relative to my quality of life, happened earlier this year in June when I was referred to Dr. Craig M. Capeci...Kudos for Dr Capeci – he is the consummate professional – the best in the business for hip replacement. I strongly recommend his services, skill, and expertise.

      Click here to read Larry's full hip replacement story.

    By - Larry K
  • After many years of fairly excellent health I sufferred from a ruptured achilles tendon. From the moment I encountered Dr. Capeci, he was clear, direct and easily comprehensible; answering all questions and insuring that I understood the entire procedure. My surgery and rehabilitation process went extremely well and I recovered ahead of schedule. I have never experienced a doctor who responds to calls and emails in such a timely manner. I would highly recommend Dr. Capeci.

    By - Antonius A
  • You have heard me speak of our daughters' graduation hundreds of times. Both girls have graduated and it was beyond wonderful to attend without knee pain. They had a DJ and dancing. I have to tell you that I danced for almost 2 hours. It was so awesome to be able to dance and move PAIN FREE. So not only was I able to go to our daughters' graduations but I danced at one of them and for that I THANK YOU!!

    By - Margaret B. (total knee replacements)
  • Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I'm feeling absolutely wonderful. The PT is going really well - it's wiping me out but every day I feel stronger and better. I look forward to seeing you this Thursday for a check in and to remove the staples. Thank you so much - this surgery gave me my life back!

    By - Jenny D (Total hip replacement)
  • I have had a myriad of sports related injuries over the years and have dealt with many medical professionals. Dr.Capeci is, in my humble opinion the best. I have never felt so comfortable/confident about course of treatment and pending recovery. Thank you Dr. Capeci for giving me my arm back.

    By - Christopher L
  • He has excellent bedside manner and staff courteous and friendly. I would refer Dr. Capeci to anyone if needed.

    By - Pearl G
  • The overall experience was quite seamless and positive. The patient intake staff person, physician’s assistant and X-Ray technician were courteous and efficient. A rare experience for me when visiting a physician for the first time. My X-rays were taken at the office and Dr. Capeci reviewed them right away. His approach to treating my condition which involves a shoulder injury and neck is comprehensive but at the same time, non-invasive. Too often, physicians recommend surgery for shoulder injuries. I highly recommend Dr. Capeci.

    By - James A
  • He was able to listen to my health issues and took his time to explain and discussed medical options/procedures. I felt he was sensitive, supportive and understanding to my problem. Thank you for listening Dr. Capeci.

    By - Lizzette B
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