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Craig M. Capeci, M.D. - Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr. Capeci is a Board Certified fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeon specializing in shoulder, hip and knee arthroscopy and reconstruction.
Craig M. Capeci, M.D. - Orthopaedic Surgeon

In a Patient's Words – Total Hip Replacement

By Larry K.

What do I have to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving eve ?

While the Good Lord has blessed me many times in my life – beautiful & healthy family, good job, nice home, excellent education, etc – one of the best events, relative to my quality of life, happened earlier this year in June when I was referred to Dr. Craig M. Capeci.

My right hip had been uncomfortable and difficult to function with for nearly 2 years. By April it became painful at all times – walking, sitting, lying down, and normal things like stairs, jogging, swimming and bike riding were nearly out of the question, due to constant severe pain and intermittent shooting pains in my lower back and throughout my right leg, all the way down to the ankle. It was no longer possible to “get comfortable” and sleeping was very difficult.

With apprehension and fear, I agreed to have hip replacement surgery - which Dr. Capeci strongly recommended shortly after viewing my x-rays. This surgery took place on Friday August 15 at NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases. Here is the rest of the story – for people who may be considering similar hip replacement surgery with Dr. Capeci.

  • On the same evening as the surgery I was up on my feet – walking with assistance to the toilet in my room. There was pain during the first night – bone and incision.
  • The next morning the NYU therapists had me up again and walking (with a walker) around and around in the halls of the hospital floor. They had a small wooden staircase for me to practice going up and down on, as I live in building without elevators – 5 flights up.
  • On Sunday morning the doctors on duty came to speak with me and evaluate my progress – after seeing me walk around the floor they agreed I could be discharged by noon. I was home and upstairs by 2PM.
  • Starting the next morning I worked hard on my recovery – up and down the stairs frequently and walking around my block (York Ave – 77th/ 78th Street) and within John Jay park with my wife, two sons, and puggle.
  • For me - the pain which I had been suffering from for years was completely gone by Sunday – my hip felt strong and solid, and my back and right leg were completely free of pain. During the initial week of recovery it was difficult to sleep for long periods as I needed to stay on my back at all times and be careful about the stitches.
  • Now it is a little over 3 months since the surgery and at times my hip is so strong and pain free that I forget I even had the surgery – all of my normal activities have returned except basketball and sprinting. Swimming, baseball, bike riding (up to 10 miles per ride) and “light football” with my sons are all back as routine activities – completely free of pain or discomfort. I am able to sit in all type of chairs, drive a sports car for hours, and I now sleep like a rock (on either side, back , or stomach).
  • One point of reference to consider came as we recently attended a Fordham University Football game vs. Penn at Rose Hill – and I reviewed the game program and previous schedule. The first point is that I vividly remember attending a Fordham baseball game in June with my sons – in constant pain, throbbing at all time. So bad it was challenging to walk, stand or sit – and try to stay happy with a smile on my face.

    On Friday Night August 29 (two weeks from the date of the surgery) we attended Fordham’s first football game of the current season vs. St. Francis. On that evening we walked from our home on East 77th Street, five avenue blocks to the # 6 train, took it down to Grand Central Station where we caught the Metro North to Fordham – walked to and across the campus to the football game. Watched the entire game on steel bleachers, and did the reverse travel to go home. No walker, no crutches, no cane, and no taxis – 13 days after hip replacement surgery.

  • Kudos for Dr Capeci – he is the consummate professional – the best in the business for hip replacement. I strongly recommend his services, skill, and expertise.

Thank you for your attention and time to read my story.

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